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*gets home from school*


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Klaine-eyes through the seasons :3

It’s so cute when you watch their development.

S2: Blaine-eyes: my cute little cupcake! I could stare at you for the rest of my life

Kurt-eyes: Gosh I love you. You love me. I can’t believe it! But that’s the truth. The world is wonderful!

S3: Kurt-eyes: Naawwww. Everywhere rainbows my loveee!

Blaine-eyes: Naawwww. Everywhere rainbows my loveee!

S4: (after cheating)

Kurt-eyes: Man! I still love you. I love you so much you dork. It hurts, but I just can’t stop with loving you. Maybe I could find a way to move on … maybe there could be a we again.

Blaine-eyes: Everything will fall into place! I love you. I will never hurt you again. Trust me. Please trust me again!.


Kurt-eyes: OH MY GOD! The love of my life … a dream comes true. He feels the same … exactly the same …

Blaine-eyes: You are the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And with ever I mean in every lifetime.

Well, that’s what I see in this pics

(I wanted to make a gifset when I got 500 followers, but I was quite busy now I have 516. Thanks. I love all of you! :* ♥)

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